Saturday, February 26, 2011


Stormy Weather by J. Binford-Bell

Ouch by Anthony Greco


Start the Microwave by Sheryl Rosedoff Bergman
 Scott M. Anna had this to say about his Best of Theme: My selection for BEST OF THEME this week, is the one that I was looking for to touch on all five senses within one photograph. Sheryl captured all five senses in her photo. In her own words: Start the Microwave: HEAR it pop, SMELL it cook, Open the bag and SEE that it's not burnt, Grab a handful-TOUCH, and then TASTE its yummy goodness  by Sheryl Rosedoff Bergman.

Sheryl also gets the informal admin award for the longest title ever. Congrats to all the winners. There were some wonderful interpretations of this week's theme.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winners of Masked

First Place
Camouflage by Scot M. Anna
Second Place
Cirque de Soleil - September 2010 by Suzanne McLaughlin Stout
Shekinah Rae picked Cirque de Soleil as her choice for Best of Theme

Third Place
Faces by Christa Rompala

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winners of Lights, Camera, Drama

We had 45 people attend this event posting 28 entries. A total of 153 votes were cast. The Results are

First Place
Metrallic Sunrise by Scott M, Anna

Second Place

After the Storm by Catherine SweetPotato

Third Place

Let there be Light by Jacqui Binford-Bell
Best of Theme 
picked by Patti Wheeler
  Fields of Gold by Terry Atkin Rowe

Patti Wheeler had this to say about her choice:

Although I'm also a fan of spontaneous, unplanned moments with a camera, I love that Terry used so much conscious effort to spend time experimenting with the light. She walked around & tried different angles & positions in order to get the best dramatic lighting for her "capture" of this landscape. It has a fairy tale quality to it, that I find entrancing!

Terry found real gold in this photo taken during the "golden hours" of the day. As Andy Laighleis commented: "This definitely shows the difference between taking a photo and making a photo."

This was Scott’s fourth win. And we have two admins in the top three. We have one new member, Mike Redmond.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


In Equal First Place

Dichotomy on Imbolc by Shekinah Rae
 Imbolc, BTW, is one of the four principal festivals of the Gaelic year, celebrated at the beginning of February or the first local signs of Spring.
Tourist all covered in Oil by Eagle Finegan

Second Place

All dressed up and nowhere to go by Heather Lossie

Third Place

The Mosque by Brian Crossland

Best of Theme

Eagle Finegan picked “Are you Sure ?” By Donna Palmund
“Are you Sure ?” By Donna Palmund

Eagle had this to say about her choice: . I had more than a few people ask me what did dichotomy mean. I told them go look at Donna's photo. I think that will clear up any questions. What a find!

We welcome two new members this week, Spencer Hogan and Sheryl Rosedoff Bergman who has already entered our next contest Lights, Camera, Drama.