Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winners of "Flying and Motion"

Congratulations to all the participants of this event for another great showing. Voting was difficult and a lot closer than our last couple of events. And congratulations to this week’s winners.

First Place - Bubbles In The Breeze by Brian Crossland

Second Place - Ravens On the Wing by Jacqui Binford Bell

Third Place - Slocan Lake by Ieneke Van Houten

Honorable Mention - UFD not UFO by Monica Griffey

Best of Theme: Monica Griffey's UFD not UFO (Honorable Mention, above) was chosen by last week's winner Eagle Finegan for this week's best of theme. Congratulations, Monica!  As Eagle said, "It's a still photo... but yet, you know it's moving!"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shanghai Shers

Seaside Cottage by Shers Gallagher
Winner of first Picture Picks Event Real Estate

We admins have been mulling this idea for awhile to have a surprise winner every now and then, what we are choosing to call "Ms or Mr Congeniality".  This is intended to recognize an individual who has been particularly positive, supportive and helpful to contributors to Picture Picks and enters into the spirit of the group.  It won't be every week, but just now and then when we get the urge.

This week we say good-bye to our dear friend and co-administrator Shers Gallagher, as she heads to China for a teaching assignment until August.  Without her knowledge we decided Shers should be our first Ms Congeniality.  Shers is perpetually positive and lends encouraging words to all participants.  In addition, our Shers is an accomplished photographer as well.  We thank her for her wonderful help as as admin, her positive happy attitude in the Picture Picks comments, and we wish her well in her travels and a safe return.  We take a minute here to recognize her in this way and remember some of her photos that we have loved.

 Zeeland Winterscape by Shers Gallagher
The land she is leaving for five months
Wall of China by Shers
The land without any Facebook

And what photo blog of Shers as an admin for Picture Picks would be complete without one of her STOP signs which she posted as we all slept to tell us no more pictures or no more votes. Shers will continue to take pictures while in China and has promised to post them on her Blogspot so we can share her adventures.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winners of Into The Night

This weeks theme of INTO THE NIGHT produced some of the most wonderful photographs from our membership and guests making voting very difficult.

Lake Oakwood Sunset by Donna Palmlund
Weeping Mother by Ron Shook


Pacific Beach - by Ruthie Benjamin

Agapanthas by Heather Lossie

Weather on the Move by Eagle Finnegan

Settling in for the Night by Stephen Prendergast

Stephen Prendergast, who picked this theme,  wrote: This was a very difficult group of photos to choose from. Being a Californian, I was drawn to Ruthie's photo "Dimming of the Day" with the placement of the setting sun behind the lifeguard tower throwing everything into silhouette. I also liked our winning photo, "Lake Oakwood Sunset" by Donna Palmlund, again for the use of sunset and sihouettes.  But I wanted to find a picture that took a different look at the theme, and Brian's photo of the marketplace at closing, with the dark blue sky, the lights in the buildings, and the empty tables, had that something different quality to it.  Congratulations, Brian.

 The Market by Brian Crossland

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winners of "The Things I Love"

Here are the winner’s of this week’s theme, “The Things I Love” -- some beautiful photography and some heartwarming subjects. Thanks to all who participated.

1st PLACE: Beach Sunset, Eagle Finegan

2nd PLACE: Architecture: Ruthie Benjamin
Sentimental Rose, Catherine SweetPotato

My Two Boys, Suzanne McLaughlin Stout

My Mother, Ludmila Kalmaeva

Home, Bob McLaughlin

Linden Vineyards, Suzanne McLaughlin Stout

BEST OF THEME: Picked by Deborah Binford Baker:  How can you pick a best of theme for Things I Love? Can you measure how much is loved and who loves that someone or thing more? No you can't. I believe all of them should make the Best of Theme list. 

But if you must make me choose it is Taking Pictures by Brian Crossland.

A special thanks to all those photographers that participated by sharing what they love with strangers.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winners of "Today"

This week’s theme was “Today” and there were no restrictions on the photos that could be entered except that they had to be taken on the same day they were posted. Participants had fun getting fresh new shots to contribute. The subject matter and quality were remarkable with the many beautiful shots submitted. We had an unfortunate glitch during the voting due to Facebook changes, and we hope everyone was able to vote as desired. Here are this week’s winners:

First Place: San Diego Bay at Night by Stephen Prendergast

Second Place: Three-Way Tie

Bassoon Study by Val Juneman,

Frosted Aspen on Snowy Hill by Jacqui Binford-Bell

Today is the Sunshine by Ludmilla Kalmaeva

Honorable Mention: Tie

Snow and Shadows by Catherine SweetPotato

I See You by David S Issel (picture omitted on request)

Best of Theme

David Issel who chose our theme "Today", has selected for Best of Theme "Better luck next time" by Brian Crossland. David says, : "He took my concept and turned it into a literal photograph. Nicely done!"