Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winners of "Today"

This week’s theme was “Today” and there were no restrictions on the photos that could be entered except that they had to be taken on the same day they were posted. Participants had fun getting fresh new shots to contribute. The subject matter and quality were remarkable with the many beautiful shots submitted. We had an unfortunate glitch during the voting due to Facebook changes, and we hope everyone was able to vote as desired. Here are this week’s winners:

First Place: San Diego Bay at Night by Stephen Prendergast

Second Place: Three-Way Tie

Bassoon Study by Val Juneman,

Frosted Aspen on Snowy Hill by Jacqui Binford-Bell

Today is the Sunshine by Ludmilla Kalmaeva

Honorable Mention: Tie

Snow and Shadows by Catherine SweetPotato

I See You by David S Issel (picture omitted on request)

Best of Theme

David Issel who chose our theme "Today", has selected for Best of Theme "Better luck next time" by Brian Crossland. David says, : "He took my concept and turned it into a literal photograph. Nicely done!"


  1. I think everyone who entered this event and fought through the Facebook upload and comment issues deserves to win best of theme.

    The theme of TODAY accomplished its goal of getting us all out there with our cameras even in cold and miserable weather to record life around us. The photographs were awesome and I think everyone that participated is a winner.

  2. I truly enjoyed this photo shoot experience, traipsing through town and capturing a few images around its circumference that I often take for granted. It's been fun to have others see these shots as well, reminding me what a beautiful place I live in these days.