Saturday, November 28, 2009

People in Transit Winner's Circle

Another extraordinary week of marvelous photos on Picture Picks. This week's event was People in Transit and we had 45 entries.

FIRST PLACE: My Sandra, by Eagle Finnegan

SECOND PLACE: Chance Meeting_Road to Lebrang, Gansu, by Val Juneman


Singapore Chrome World: Sonja Blietschau

Driving to Work in Venice: Val Juneman

BEST OF THEME: He is Homeless by Heidi Breuer

Statement of Judge Brian Crossland on Best of Theme:

"The subject, surrounded by bags, seems to be not only in transit geographically but also in a transitionary state in their lives. The bridge towards which he is looking one imagines to be full of people also in transit unaware of the onlooker.

The bridge can be viewed as a symbol of success in contrast to the onlooker but bridges and their crossing are also often used as symbolic representations of transitions in people's lives. This element, as well as adding to the overall composition of the photograph, in combination with the main subject of the man, to me adds an extra dimension to the scene" (Brian Crossland, 28 Nov. 2009)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

People In Places Winner's Circle

We had 35 participants in this week's Picture Picks Event - People in Places. And we had another tie for first place. Both photos received eight votes and we decided to post them both as first place while foregoing a second place winner for this event. They are both equally stunning photographs!

Castlerigg Stone Circle by Val Juneman
First Place

On the Boardwalk by Catherine SweetPotato
First Place

Honorable Mention goes to Monica Griffey with her photo Sunday's Song

This week we are also beginning a new award category: Best of Theme. This award is not picked by popular vote as the others are but by the previous winner who picked the theme. Jacqui Binford-Bell picked the theme People in Places and picked this weeks winner of Best of Theme: Brian Crossland for his photo Walking on the Edge.

Walking on the Edge by Brian Crossland - Best of Theme

Statement on Best of Theme by J. Binford-Bell: "This was a very difficult choice this week. Several photos fit the marriage between place and people that I was looking for. I chose Brian's photo because the hikers in the foreground give perspective to the winter valley below and their dress tells us about the weather. The wintery background and their companionable poses says a lot about our intreped hikers.One could almost use this photo as a springboard for a short story."

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Furry, Fuzzy, Feathered Friends

A new record this week in the number of participants and photos posted. The selections were wonderful.  Here are this week's winners.

First place:  Brian Crossland - 'Chatsworth Park Deer'

Second place:  Eagle Finnegan - 'Horse in Snowstorm'

Honorable Mentions:
Val Juneman - 'Laughing Horse'

Donna Palmlund - 'Lllama & Horses'

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Showcase for Winners

We are testing out the concept of having a special showcase for the winning photographs of Picture Picks Group on FaceBook. In the short time we have been in existance we have been amazed at the quality of the photographs submitted for our weekly themed contests and we invite you to go to that site and explore the Events Tab and the pictures posted.

The purpose of this blog is to post the weekly winners of the themed events and showcase the talents of our members and participants.

Travel / Places

Very active and tight voting this week and we thought we should add some Honorable Mentions. First Place this week went to Through Mesa Arche by Jacqui Binford-Bell.

Second Place was for St. Anne's submitted by Catherine SweetPotato.

Honorable Mentions:
Great Wall from Shers Gallagher

And the Ingalls Homestead from Donna Palmlund.