Saturday, November 28, 2009

People in Transit Winner's Circle

Another extraordinary week of marvelous photos on Picture Picks. This week's event was People in Transit and we had 45 entries.

FIRST PLACE: My Sandra, by Eagle Finnegan

SECOND PLACE: Chance Meeting_Road to Lebrang, Gansu, by Val Juneman


Singapore Chrome World: Sonja Blietschau

Driving to Work in Venice: Val Juneman

BEST OF THEME: He is Homeless by Heidi Breuer

Statement of Judge Brian Crossland on Best of Theme:

"The subject, surrounded by bags, seems to be not only in transit geographically but also in a transitionary state in their lives. The bridge towards which he is looking one imagines to be full of people also in transit unaware of the onlooker.

The bridge can be viewed as a symbol of success in contrast to the onlooker but bridges and their crossing are also often used as symbolic representations of transitions in people's lives. This element, as well as adding to the overall composition of the photograph, in combination with the main subject of the man, to me adds an extra dimension to the scene" (Brian Crossland, 28 Nov. 2009)


  1. Just gorgeous.... Don't you think, everyone?!!
    Well done, Jacqui.
    And thanks for your keen editing eye, Becky.
    Applause, applause, everyone for these lovely ladies and their fine craftsmanship getting all these weekly postings put up for us so eloquently!
    Hip, hip, hip, hurrah!!

    Oh, yeah And once again CONGRATS to the winners!

  2. Yes, Becky, thanks for edit. I just hated all those huge spaces.

    And congrats to all the winners. Once again this is a marvelous showcase of the talent we have in our little group.

  3. Perhaps what deters people from commenting here is the fact that they might look from the 'Picture Picks' site but don't comment because they don't have memberships here on Blogger. It's a pity though. We all like responses, if even a word, in the form of feedback to what we've done. I still think this blog is a work of beauty, love and kindness on your parts to your contest winners. Hugs to two of my handful of favourite GFs!

  4. I believe, Shers, that we set this up to take anonymous comments. And Blogger is good about taking comments from those with memberships to other sites.

    It could be that they feel they have made all their comments on the Picture Pick pages.

  5. This is super. I love it that you have connected here.