Saturday, November 14, 2009

Furry, Fuzzy, Feathered Friends

A new record this week in the number of participants and photos posted. The selections were wonderful.  Here are this week's winners.

First place:  Brian Crossland - 'Chatsworth Park Deer'

Second place:  Eagle Finnegan - 'Horse in Snowstorm'

Honorable Mentions:
Val Juneman - 'Laughing Horse'

Donna Palmlund - 'Lllama & Horses'


  1. This was an extraordinary event this week. So many good photographs but there were some truly exceptional ones that stood out and ergo won because we did not merely vote our hearts.

    Bravo to all the winners and every one that participated this week.

  2. I agree, an astounding week - great turn out, fab fotos! Brian, your gorgeous deer photo literally rocked my socks off!!! IMO, it's picture postcard material. Well done.
    Eagle's horse in snow looks like a Native American scene that one can't peel their eyes from. And the laughing horse is hilarious!
    I wanted to call the 2-horse foto, 'Llama Waiting'. Doesn't it look so human like, as a left out child wanting to play? :)
    I simply loved this week's fotos. They were so very hard to vote on though. I liked them all!