Saturday, March 26, 2011


First Place
Signs of Spring by CheyAnne Sexton

Second Place
Finally by Mike Redmond

Third Place
Glory by Terry Atkin Rowe

Best of Theme
Signs of Spring by CheyAnne Sexton

Patti Wheeler, who chose the theme Signs of Spring, wrote:

My choice for "Best of Theme" out of all the SIGNS OF SPRING photos is: 
CheyAnne Sexton's photo of purple crocus buds poking through the snow!

Here's part of a poem "Ode To Crocuses" (by Adele Kaye) that CheyAnne's stunning photograph reminds me of:

"The snow crocus are the first among them to bloom
As they poke their brilliant heads up through the snow
There's hardly a soul who isn't thrilled by this sight
Yet those who love winter may say 'tell me it isn't so!"

This is CheyAnne’s first win in Picture Picks, which is always good to see. And she captured first and best of theme. Lovely photos this last week and congrats to all our winners and a round of applause for our participants that found hope of spring.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winners of Food

First Place
Breakfast Egg by Brian Crossland

Second Place
Peas-porridge-hot by Anthony Greco
Equal Third Place
Vegan Beef Steak by Ruthie Benjamin
Milk Bones by Catherine SweetPotato

Best of Theme 
Picked by Terri Tighe who chose this theme
Fruit Stand by Mike Redmond
Mike's Fruit Stand was also tied for third
This is Brian’s third win. The last time he won was way back in February 2010 for his entry in the theme Flying and Movement. Brian is an administrator for Picture Picks and is accountable for all the counts, as it were. He keeps records on wins and participation and gives us great insights on past events and winners.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Winners of My Current Favorite

First Place
Serenity by Patti Wheeler

Equal Second Place
Spring is near by Ruthie Benjamin

Charlotte Skater by Clifford Forstadt

Third Place
One size fits all by Eagle Finegan

Best of Theme 
As Brian pointed out this morning when he messaged me the preliminary results, my choice of theme did not make picking Best of Theme an easy task. All the pictures are someone's current favorite and ergo their pick for best of theme. And there is obviously a reason they are all special. I toyed briefly for that reason with awarding myself best of theme and then a late entry solved my dilemma. I chose Robert A. Steinegger's Sleepy Sam

I take infinite pictures of my fur kids looking for that one defining moment and I think Robert should be very proud of this picture. Sam's expression is pure nirvana, and he is sleeping on a color coordinated cat bed. And most importantly he did not wake up and move when Robert went to fetch the camera.
Jacqui Binford-Bell

Sleepy Sam by Robert A. Steinegger

This is Patti Wheeler’s second win. Her previous win was for the theme of Lost in January 2011. Ruthie should find her second place encouraging since she wasn’t initially going to enter. Congratulations to all winners and everyone that entered with their current favorite photograph. Each such photograph we take is a victory.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


The number of entries held up at 27 and the number of guests was only slightly down at 38 but the voting continues to be low. We had a total of 95 votes this week which, although 18 above last weeks all time low, still only represents 50% of the potential votes out there. It was close this week, very close, with only 3 votes separating the top three places.

First Place
Come What May ~ On da Blue bayou by Eagle Finegan

Second Place
Blue Sunrise by Terri Tighe

Third Place
Doggone Blues by Terry Atkin Rowe

Best of Theme
  Picked by Suzanne McLaughlin Stout 
Da Blues… by Sara Masters
Congratulations to all our winners today.