Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winners of Tis the Season

FIRST PLACE - Christmas Reflections by Monica Griffey

SECOND PLACE: Zeeland Winterscape by Shers Gallagher 


Let it Snow by Catherine SweetPotato 

Winter Walks by Val Juneman

Best of Theme/Photographer's Choice picked by Monica Griffey winner of Street Art.  Monica says, "I selected this photo for the composition and quality as well the love and tradition of a special ornament hung each year on the tree. Well done!"

All Things Bright and Shiny by Jacqui Binford-Bell

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winners of Quirks and Oddities

This was a definitely fun themed event this week with lots of odd and quirky entries but lots of really beautiful photography too.

FIRST PLACE - Ghost Fish by Deborah Binford Baker

 SECOND PLACE - Boat Hut by Val Juneman


Thru and Thru by Eagle Finegan

Quick Advert by Stephen Prendergast

 BEST OF THEME - Spires by Brian Crossland

Best of theme was picked by last week's winner, Ron Shook, and he had this to say about his choice:

'I'm going to go with Brian Crossland's spiral steeple. It's just the sort of thing I was thinking about; the steeple is subtly odd, so that you have to look at it to realize it's not straight. It looks like it was built by a man who had a crease in his blueprints.'

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Street Art - Signs and Symbols Around Us

Congratulations to this week's winners.

1st Place: Monica Griffey, Symbols of a Time

2nd Place: Terri Byron, Turn Sign Tree

Honorable Mention: Ruthie Benjamin, Pacific Beach Mural

Best of Theme: Ron Shook, The Woman's Tonic

Best of theme chosen by last week's winner, Eagle Finegan, is Ron Shook for The Woman's Tonic. Eagle says, "I believe not only does it represent the theme, I personally love the shot. It has everything. And then the mountains in the background give me that extra surprise. It is framed nicely, level, and depth of field is amazing, It's in focus, the color is sharp, clean! It lets me travel to another place, time, life, and I get cold just looking at it. An artist painted it, an artist could write about it, an artist's eye took the shot and showed it to us! Well done, Ron. Thank you!"

Saturday, December 5, 2009

All About Water

Another terrific week with a new record for participation, and increasingly wonderful photos.  The following are our winners for the week:

FIRST PLACE:  Ron Shook, Lace in the evening sun.

2nd PLACE:  Brian Crossland, Lumsdale

HONORABLE MENTION:   Terri Byron, Mist from Niagara Falls.

BEST OF THEME: Bob McLaughlin, The summit of Whiteface Mountain, in the Adirondacks

Selected this week by the administrators, we debated the merits of the many submissions this week and finally decided on Bob's photo, which incidentally also tied for Honorable Mention.  We felt that in addition to being a beautiful photo, this photo presented an omniscient-like view of 'water everywhere'.