Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winners of Quirks and Oddities

This was a definitely fun themed event this week with lots of odd and quirky entries but lots of really beautiful photography too.

FIRST PLACE - Ghost Fish by Deborah Binford Baker

 SECOND PLACE - Boat Hut by Val Juneman


Thru and Thru by Eagle Finegan

Quick Advert by Stephen Prendergast

 BEST OF THEME - Spires by Brian Crossland

Best of theme was picked by last week's winner, Ron Shook, and he had this to say about his choice:

'I'm going to go with Brian Crossland's spiral steeple. It's just the sort of thing I was thinking about; the steeple is subtly odd, so that you have to look at it to realize it's not straight. It looks like it was built by a man who had a crease in his blueprints.'

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this theme week's contributions too - everyone was so creative and clever with their entries. Good craic, as the Irish say. ;¬D

    And TY for making this such a brilliant and lovely site, Becky and Jacqui!