Saturday, December 12, 2009

Street Art - Signs and Symbols Around Us

Congratulations to this week's winners.

1st Place: Monica Griffey, Symbols of a Time

2nd Place: Terri Byron, Turn Sign Tree

Honorable Mention: Ruthie Benjamin, Pacific Beach Mural

Best of Theme: Ron Shook, The Woman's Tonic

Best of theme chosen by last week's winner, Eagle Finegan, is Ron Shook for The Woman's Tonic. Eagle says, "I believe not only does it represent the theme, I personally love the shot. It has everything. And then the mountains in the background give me that extra surprise. It is framed nicely, level, and depth of field is amazing, It's in focus, the color is sharp, clean! It lets me travel to another place, time, life, and I get cold just looking at it. An artist painted it, an artist could write about it, an artist's eye took the shot and showed it to us! Well done, Ron. Thank you!"


  1. As an admin of this group I had approached this particular topic with some trepidation. And was quite pleased with the entries. Again the members of Picture Picks showed their artistry and taste.

    And the winners are very deserving. Wonderful photos. Congrats to all.

    Looking forward to seeing the entries for our new event: QUIRKS AND ODDITIES.