Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winners of Tis the Season

FIRST PLACE - Christmas Reflections by Monica Griffey

SECOND PLACE: Zeeland Winterscape by Shers Gallagher 


Let it Snow by Catherine SweetPotato 

Winter Walks by Val Juneman

Best of Theme/Photographer's Choice picked by Monica Griffey winner of Street Art.  Monica says, "I selected this photo for the composition and quality as well the love and tradition of a special ornament hung each year on the tree. Well done!"

All Things Bright and Shiny by Jacqui Binford-Bell


  1. Jacqui's is a gorgeous ornament! And don't you just love that Santa with child reflection of the Christmas spirit? I know I fell in love with it, reminding us that Christmas is to be taken in with a child's heart - no matter how old you may be. Sigh. So 'Rockwellian', this one! Merry, merry all!

  2. It was a very interesting event on the whole. I was somewhat surprised by the photographs as they seemed to center mostly like yours, Shers, on the snow and winter wonderland aspect of the season.

    Great event. And I am really thrilled to get best of theme in it. Lots of great photographs