Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Classics - Remembering those old Kodak moments

Just for fun, the administrators of Picture Picks have decided to add another event to run concurrently with our regular contests, but this time with a twist. This is all about old photos.  Remember all those old Kodak photo opportunities? We even got dressed up in our Sunday best on those days when Dad brought out the Brownie camera! And Kodak had all these roadside pullovers too - called the 'Kodak photo opportunity'. I know that I've been placed before some grand landscapes in my time!

And I have a bunch of old family photos up in my trunk that I've been meaning to scan into my computer as digitalized images, but there never seems to be anything to push me to do it. In fact, I don't even have the new scanner installed yet, and it's been over a year! If you are in the same place, now is the time to revisit those old memories. If by chance you've lost those treasures because of flood, fire or hurricane, then Photoshop a new picture to mirror those memories.

Of course, for this event, we are waiving the rule that you have to be the photographer. And, for a little extra fun, you can submit THREE photos for this special event. However, please note the special rules for this event by visiting Picture Picks to check out this and all other posted events. THE CLASSICS, as we've chosen to call it, is running concurrently with our regular events. Of course, photos are still being posted till midnight Wednesday (-7 GMT) with voting beginning as usual on Thursday through Friday midnight for TAKE A CLOSER LOOK.

J. Binford-Bell, Administrator

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  1. This is a fantastic idea, and a great way to "encourage" those of us with large collections of old photos to get them on the scanner. Guess it's time to reconnect the scanner and open up the boxes.