Saturday, January 30, 2010


We had 35 entries for this very interesting event. It would seem that a lot of our members know what it is like to be between a rock and a hard place. Voting was heavy by the 28 confirmed guests. But this week we have clear winners.

FIRST PLACE by Deborah Binford Baker
Lonesome Pine

SECOND PLACE by Becky Griffin Stauffer
Erosion at Bryce Canyon
HONORABLE MENTION by Brian Crossland

A Hard Place by Wester Potter
Deborah Binford-Baker picked the theme Between a Rock and a Hard Place and had this to say about her pick for Best of Theme:

It was a hard choice (HA HA) but my choice for best of theme is not only to do with the picture, but the photographer. I always said my sister got all the talent and with much urging from her I started to do more with my photographs now not only I'm I competing with her but my husband now as well. So my picks are a between "Three Sisters Marching Across Arches" and "Fishin' off the Rocks". This choice putting me between and rock and a hard place, I took the safe route and chose "A Hard Place."

Deborah's other two considerations are included below as runner's up for Best of Theme and for the sake of family unity and peace. We are after all heading to Moab in the spring: Three cameras in a Rubicon Jeep. Truly between a rock and a hard space. J. Binford-Bell

Fishin' Off the Rocks by J. Alan Baker

Three Sisters Marching Across Arches by J. Binford-Bell


  1. I LOVE all of these - such great captures. It's always so hard for me to vote .. even with 5.
    As far as the Binford women go - I think, Jacqui, that you both have incredible gifts of talent. Sometimes when one is established as an artist in a family, it makes it more difficult for others to come forth .. good you encouraged her. In my family, my grandfather's mastering of miniature portraits and other things was difficult for my uncle, his son, to "compete" with - he didn't truly come into his artistry until my grandfather passed on. It's hard, sometimes, to release that artist within - most likely depending on confidence, in my case. NoW I'm older, things don't matter so much .. I started copying a sketch of my grandfather's unfinished work the other day, just to get the feel of the pencil again. It felt really nice.

    Congratulations to everyone!!! Beautiful work.

  2. What a lovely message, Ruthie. You are so profound! IMO, you've a real photographer's eye yourself, and I'm thrilled to read you've decided to pick up the pencil again too.