Friday, January 22, 2010

Wheels and Things That Go Round

Congratulations to another batch of winners in our weekly contest. Once again the submissions were beautiful and interesting, making the voting very difficult. Thanks to all who participated. We, the Admins, hope you are all enjoying these contests as much as we are. Here are this week's winners:

First Place:
'Let Me Off' - David Issel

Tied Second Place:
'Dilapidated Wagon Wheel' - Eagle Finegan

'Millstone In Field' - Val Juneman

Tied Honorable Mentions:
'Big Wheels' - Deborah Binford Baker

'Windmill Near Esmond' - Donna Palmlund

Best Of Theme:
'Women On Harleys' - Wester Potter

This week's best of theme was selected by Becky Stauffer (yours truly). I didn't realize how hard it would be to make this choice. And before I explain why I chose this photo, I'd like to recognize Bob McLaughlin for the most original interpretation of the theme with his home run baseball stars--good one, Bob!

I picked Wester's photo because something about it grabbed me and made me go back again multiple times for another look. I liked that the photo itself was an artistic shot of a piece of art. I liked that the sculpture in the photo was intriguing and somewhat mysterious: Who is that woman, why is she on a Harley, and in a skirt, stopping for a smoke? I know the Harley is the topic of the sculpture, but when you look at it, you have to wonder if the woman is ornamental to the bike or the other way around. I think this photo is at first just about the wheels and then upon further examination it is about so much more.


  1. And three cheers for Becky - once again - doing us all proud with such a lovely winners' display this week: HIP, HIP, HIP!!!

  2. I went to sleep and woke up and all was done. Looks like there was a lot of feverish voting at the end because these winners changed positions. All are certainly worthy.