Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winners of "Flying and Motion"

Congratulations to all the participants of this event for another great showing. Voting was difficult and a lot closer than our last couple of events. And congratulations to this week’s winners.

First Place - Bubbles In The Breeze by Brian Crossland

Second Place - Ravens On the Wing by Jacqui Binford Bell

Third Place - Slocan Lake by Ieneke Van Houten

Honorable Mention - UFD not UFO by Monica Griffey

Best of Theme: Monica Griffey's UFD not UFO (Honorable Mention, above) was chosen by last week's winner Eagle Finegan for this week's best of theme. Congratulations, Monica!  As Eagle said, "It's a still photo... but yet, you know it's moving!"


  1. I agree Eagle. Great movement and I love the hand positions. I had this one down for a clear win.