Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winners of "The Things I Love"

Here are the winner’s of this week’s theme, “The Things I Love” -- some beautiful photography and some heartwarming subjects. Thanks to all who participated.

1st PLACE: Beach Sunset, Eagle Finegan

2nd PLACE: Architecture: Ruthie Benjamin
Sentimental Rose, Catherine SweetPotato

My Two Boys, Suzanne McLaughlin Stout

My Mother, Ludmila Kalmaeva

Home, Bob McLaughlin

Linden Vineyards, Suzanne McLaughlin Stout

BEST OF THEME: Picked by Deborah Binford Baker:  How can you pick a best of theme for Things I Love? Can you measure how much is loved and who loves that someone or thing more? No you can't. I believe all of them should make the Best of Theme list. 

But if you must make me choose it is Taking Pictures by Brian Crossland.

A special thanks to all those photographers that participated by sharing what they love with strangers.


  1. Once again it was very difficult to pick photos to vote on. I wonder if we should give a "Miss or Mr. Congeniality" Award from time to time. Given to the participant that most encourages others, and adds to the spirit of Picture Picks.

  2. Good choice, Deborah! Brian really captures the mood of all our photographers, as we all love to be involved in that Kodak moment. :)