Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shanghai Shers

Seaside Cottage by Shers Gallagher
Winner of first Picture Picks Event Real Estate

We admins have been mulling this idea for awhile to have a surprise winner every now and then, what we are choosing to call "Ms or Mr Congeniality".  This is intended to recognize an individual who has been particularly positive, supportive and helpful to contributors to Picture Picks and enters into the spirit of the group.  It won't be every week, but just now and then when we get the urge.

This week we say good-bye to our dear friend and co-administrator Shers Gallagher, as she heads to China for a teaching assignment until August.  Without her knowledge we decided Shers should be our first Ms Congeniality.  Shers is perpetually positive and lends encouraging words to all participants.  In addition, our Shers is an accomplished photographer as well.  We thank her for her wonderful help as as admin, her positive happy attitude in the Picture Picks comments, and we wish her well in her travels and a safe return.  We take a minute here to recognize her in this way and remember some of her photos that we have loved.

 Zeeland Winterscape by Shers Gallagher
The land she is leaving for five months
Wall of China by Shers
The land without any Facebook

And what photo blog of Shers as an admin for Picture Picks would be complete without one of her STOP signs which she posted as we all slept to tell us no more pictures or no more votes. Shers will continue to take pictures while in China and has promised to post them on her Blogspot so we can share her adventures.


  1. Shaghai Shers (aka Ms. Congeniality):
    Hurry back with some more great pictures to add to the gallery! Now go over to China and win them over with your many talents! xoxo

  2. As a Yahoohoo sister you can never get totally away from us. So don't even try. We are looking forward to many more great photo blogs. And stories.

  3. I don't even want to think of you being gone .. I've tried to avoid it. You're one of the faithful few who has always stopped by checking up on me -- I rarely get off my own page, though thanks to the new FB and my game dump I am able to see more. I will miss you terribly.

    On the other hand, I'm thrilled for this opportunity for you, so long deserved, as we sat together wondering where our lives were going to take us next, trying to get by on a crust. I look forward to your sharing experiences.

    You are etched upon my heart ~ be safe ~ be happy ~ share that love with all you meet. China is fortunate to have you, as are we.

    Always love ~ Ruthie

  4. enjoy your stay and please take lots of pics for us and come back safe and sound-when you can please write if you send address will write you okay-

  5. Shers, you are the real sweetheart of the bunch. You will be so missed. No tears! Have fun and we'll see you soon!

  6. All the best to you on your little jaunt, and good luck teaching your students. At least they should be a bit better behaved than my last bunch ;~) See you back here in a few months.

  7. What's this???? I wake up only to see that while the cat's away....
    OMG, I can't tell you what great joy this is for you to have thought of me in such a clever, special way!!!! What can I say but that I LURVS each and everyone one of you: my Yahoohoo Sistahs and their lovable fur and purr kids (sniff, sniff, hug, hug), my All-Girls-Band, two of whom have made their way here and fabbed us all with their Eastern and Southern flairs of delightful photos (yes, I'm talking about youse, darlin's - LOL), my fellow travellers with tremendous spirits and terrific pix such as Bee, Heidi, Ruthie and Frani - you go, GFs! And not to go unmentioned is my fellow recovering secondary school teacher friend who's proven admirable courage in the line of fire and, thus, my ultimate respect, which is something money can't buy!

    Gosh, I really truly shall MISS you all!!! And now I'm feeling like Sandra Bullock (if only I looked like her....hahaha). Thank you, thank you for this - such a precious gift. And I'll wear my Ms Congenialty ribbon well in the land of the Great Dragon! XOXO

  8. Enjoy and return will be missed.

  9. Shers... it just won't be the same without you here. Your genuine warmth and exuberance is part of what makes my cyber experience so enriching! Please take care of yourself as you embark on your China adventure. We know you will take many photos to share when you return. In the meantime, enjoy yourself and please be safe. You will be greatly missed!!

  10. I hope you have a wonderful time in China. Look forward to the time when you can rejoin our little group not just for your invaluable contribution but also the generosity of your spirit.

  11. I've said it on your various sites so I will just add that you will be very much missed and although you will be so very far away, you will never be far from our thoughts. Absolutely no where is far in the Yahoohoo Sistahood with honourary member Recovering Teacher, where love, care, support, and encouragement abound.

    You are going to have a wonderful time and your students will love you as we do.

    Enjoy every minute once the homesickness abates and remember that we are all rooting for you. We will be looking forward to Shanghai Sher's tales of life in the Land of the Red Dragon and don't anyone of us be at all surprised if she comes back performing like a crouching tiger!

    Bon voyage!