Saturday, June 12, 2010

Winners of Reflections

Andy Laighleis chose this theme and had the following to say about Reflections "..., preferably not the standard water reflections (although these are acceptable) but more along the line of reflections in glass, building facades, sun glasses, mirrors or other shinny objects. Or it could be reflections on life, social conditions, emotions etc".



 Antietam Reflections by Andy Laighleis


 Egret Reflection By Nancie M


 Reflections at the end of the day by Ruthie Benjamin



 Clean Machine by Eagle Finegan


Best of Theme is picked by the photographer who chose that particular theme. It is seldom easy. Andy Laighleis had this to say about his two choices:

"It wasn’t easy to pick the “Best of Theme” there were several photos that reflected the theme. My pick for “Best of Theme” is the photo “Reflection in Many Ways” by Heidi M Breuer of her late husband. The photo shows several different aspects of theme “Reflections” You can see flowers reflecting in the glass, Heidi’s husband is sitting relaxing and appears to be reflecting on life and then there are Heidi’s reflections and memories of their life together."


Reflections in many ways by Heidi M. Breuer

". . .I would also like to award honorable mention for best of theme for Jacqui Binford-Bell photo “Upon Reflections J. Alan Baker 1958-2010” which is a very good example of the “could be reflections on life, social conditions, emotions etc” Jacqui nail it on the head when she said “What is more reflective than a photographer viewing what it is they are intending to capture.” This is one of the differences between someone who makes photographs versus one who takes photographs.?


 Upon Reflection J. Alan Baker 1958-2010 by J. Binford-Bell


Personal Note: I took the above photograph of of J. Alan Baker, husband to my sister Debbie, on National Forest road 76 riding the ridge to Cleveland, NM. Alan died suddenly this May at the age of 52. I had shared many a photographic exhibition with him and my sister.

Alan was a member of Picture Picks since our group was founded, a former admin, and a First Place Winner with photography, and the way he lived his life.

J. Binford-Bell, Admin. 


  1. Wow! Thank you everyone for the honor.

    Jacqui .. I am so very sorry to hear about Alan. I didn't know. I love this photograph. It's time I came back to the slow lane .. I think my life will be more settled now that I have Robert in my life.

  2. Congratulations to everyone on their wins.

    Special congrats to Jacqui and Heidi - beautifully captured.

    Love the new tempalte here. Jacqui??