Saturday, December 4, 2010


 I am going to do this PPWG just a bit differently this week. I am going to begin with Best of Theme because it is the only undisputed photograph in this event. Best of Theme is picked by the winning photographer that picked the theme: Pascale Fernandez - "The full team is there to play!!!! "0-20" by Brian Crossland.

20-0 by Brian Crossland

Normally our first place winner is honored by putting their photo on the event image. This week in an effort to not upset any of those tied for first we will put Best of Theme in that position. And the right to choose the event after BLACK AND WHITE is also suppose to go to the first place winner of SPORT but the admins for Picture Picks will pick it instead. The two photographers tied for first can message us their suggestion and we will choose.

Tied for First Place with 12 votes each :

Play Ball! By Clifford Forstadt

Rowing Away by Pascale Fernandez

Low Tide at Sunrise and Canoeing by Eagle Finegan had tied for first in the votes but it also was a previous 1st place winner of  The Things I love and cannot win again. It is a great photograph, Eagle.

Tied for Second Place with 8 votes each :

Weiner Dog Basketball by Catherine SweetPotato

Mens College Lacrosse Tournament by Suzanne McLaughlin

Tied for Third Place with 7 votes each :

Watersports by Scott Michael Anna

Murderball by Ruthie Benjamin

St Anthony’s Triathlon by Jennifer Chappell
There were only 20 photographs posted for this event and eight of those are here honored. My questions to the members of Picture Picks, photographers and voters alike, are: 1)Is this truly about becoming better photographers or just about winning and popularity? 2)And should we change the event rules so only those that post a photograph are eligible to vote.


  1. yes I feel very strongly that only people who post should vote period!!!!!!!!

  2. Unfortunately it is an administrative nightmare because there is no FB support on groups. We are not paid enough to deal with it.

    And there are those that belong to PP to view photographs and vote even when they do not enter photos. It would be disenfranchising them.

    Frankly I am more than willing to step aside as admin and let all my critics handle it.

  3. If PP has moved away from the original idea of having fun and has become so serious that people are backbiting and bitching as I've seen, t...hen it's time to rethink.

    Originally, a group of us headed by Jacqui thought that this would be a good idea and that people could hone their skills in the process. But it now seems (from where I'm standing) that what started out as friendly exchange of photos with winners being declared has turned into a fierce competition with nasty remarks and comments being made when people don't like the way admin operates.

    If people have grouses they should leave. This started out as a friendly group which has turned into something that is a far cry from the original intention.

    I don't always have time to post but my feeling is that once I put my name as attending, whether I post or not, I have the right to vote.

    Jacqui you have put a great deal into this project and I find that you have been very kind to your critics. It's time to tell those who don't like the way it's run to ride off into the sunset and start their own group. And tell them at the same time that the name of the event cannot be used elsewhere.

    Grown adults actually need to grow up.

    The entire Admin team has worked hard on this project and I'd like all detractors and critics to take that into consideration.

  4. Being relatively new to PP I'm kind of in the dark about some of the history, but here's my 2 cents.

    I often say I'm attending but one reason or other don't always post a photo (forgot, didn't have time to take a photo for the theme, didn't have a photo ready, etc.) I'd still like to be able to vote - I think I'm objective. But, I understand other's desire to limit voting.

    As a beginner, I'd like more constructive feedback - so far it seems like there isn't a lot of that being shared across the board. (And honestly, I don't think I know enough about photography to be constructive myself).

    I appreciate this opportunity and the forum, the Admin team makes it easy for the rest of us to "play." ~ Terry Rowe

  5. Thank you, Terry. And if you want constructive feedback on a give photo entry I suggest you post a comment to that effect under your photo in the comment phase of the event. We do have some very good photographers but most are "beginners" and a lot just learning the lingo associated with this art.

    And I agree with you about those attending being allowed to vote even if they do not post. Sometimes we learn a lot just by that part. If you have to critique in your mind why you like a particular photo it makes it easier to apply the same selection processes to your own work.

  6. I'm afraid Terry that some people don't like the kind of feedback you seek and see it as unwanted criticism so I tend to be careful airing my own views which is a shame.
    Sadly this results in most of the comments that people make being about the subject of the photo like "what a great place" rather than the quality of the work as a photograph such as composition, lighting, exposure etc..
    If anyone could put together something along the critique line that would actually work within the constraints of Facebook I would love to attend it.