Saturday, July 23, 2011


First Place

V is for Venice by Mike Redmond

Equal Second Place

V is for View by Jonathan Swift
F is for a Foggy Day by Brian Crossland

Equal Third Place

R is for Raindrops on Red Flower by Scott Michael Anna

H is for Hungry by Anthony Greco

Best Of Theme
H is for Hungry by Anthony Greco

Patti Wheeler selected the Best of Theme and offered this insight into her choice :

"I choose Anthony Greco's "H is for Hungry" photo for Best of Theme for two reasons He could have titled his photo "B for bird", but chose to emphasis the strong EMOTION it portrayed!
It also shows the technique of utilizing "DEPTH OF FIELD" to make the main subject the most important focal point in a photo! Kudos, Anthony!"

Mike joined the group in February this year and it is his first win. Jonathan who placed second is also a recent member joining us in April of this year. Good to go on the break with some fresh faces at the top.

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