Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Photography Inspiration

(photo removed at the request of the photographer.)
by Kimberly Rossiter

Julie Wagaman & Scott Michael Anna selected Best of Theme and had the following commentary about their selection: 

Julie Wagaman: “This photo reminds me of a Hudson River School painting. It captures the mystery of wilderness in a very poetic way. The early light adds warmth and a promising feeling that the fog will clear and all will be right in the world. The still water as it goes around the bend invites adventure. At times, nature can be very romantic and this photo captures that sense beautifully.”

Scott Michael Anna : “Kimberly Rossiter's ‘Nature’submission, is to me the epitome of a classically beautiful photograph with showing a true passion for the subject. Also having nature as the majority of ‘My Photography Inspiration’, when I first saw Kimberly's photo it spoke to me within such a deep level of my psyche, I had to refrain from commenting over and over.”

Comments included after the photo was posted describe it beautifully:
"This just sings. It's so good. Gorgeous."
"Lush and inspirational."
"All that's missing are brush strokes."

With these things said, we would like to present Kimberly Rossiter's "Nature" photo as the "Best of Theme"
by Anne Rocha


by Sheryl Rosedoff Bergman

~ and ~
"Wide Open Spaces"

by Terry Atkin Rowe

~ and ~

"Catching Those Special Places & Moments"

by Monica Griffey

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