Saturday, June 11, 2011

Winners of Double Up

First Place
Sentry Duty by Brian Crossland

Second Place
Two in the sky by Monica Griffey

Third Place
Riding Double by Eagle Finegan

The Best of Theme 
Chosen by Scott Michael Anna and Rick Cannon

Sisters by Sheryl Rosedoff Bergman

From Scott Michael Anna: With a collaboration, and mutual agreement with Rick and myself, we proudly choose Sheryl Rosedoff Bergman's photo : "Sisters - My two girls love each other and I think it shows" as Best of Theme for this week in "Double Up".

In the comments, members defined the photo as:
"It is a perfect photo for any theme."
"It exudes peace and love..."
"Such a tender capture.!"

"It certainly captures the theme and stirs up emotion."-Rick Cannon

"When Rick and I came to agreement on what the theme would be for this week, I knew what kind of photograph I would like to see to define the theme. At the first moment I saw Sheryl's photo, I knew that it was EXACTLY what we had envisioned."
-Scott Michael Anna

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