Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winners of It's All New

First Place
Spooning by Eagle Finegan

Second Place
Bottle by Brian Crossland

Third Place
Cold Night by Anthony Greco

Best of Theme picked by Terry Atkin Rowe:
"Busting down to one it has to be Eagle Finegan's Spooning. Her execution is clean and focused. She met the theme spot on by taking risks: a new photo and a new technique."

Spooning by Eagle Finegan

There is a lot of work in being an admin of Picture Picks on Facebook, and a lot of it thankless and invisible.  I was reminded by Brian Crossland and Catherine SweetPotatoe, my two hardworking and inspiring partners in this venture, that Picture Picks is not about how many times you win or how many votes your pictures receive, but about the journey and trying to learn from what we see and expand our skills a little. And I want to quote Brian because he speaks for me too: "This weeks results have both surprised and heartened me. I thought the group was conservative in nature preferring what they know but the votes show an appreciation by the group for people who are trying to push their abilities given the opportunity."

Brian won a second this week by pushing his abilities. And Eagle won another first, but by playing outside her safe space. This is Eagle’s fifth win and she should provide an inspiration for us all. She is constantly taking photos and looking for new ways to improve her technical and artistic skills. PicturePicks is about getting out there with your camera but also about looking critically at your photos and your skills, as well as the photos of others in the group. BTW I totally missed the point of this theme and learned a lot from my mates.

J. Binford-Bell, Picture Picks co-founder and admin

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